Coach Accreditation

How to become a Coach

Candidates wishing to become an EA accredited Coach must complete the 3 stand alone certificates (units of study) before being registered with EA and the Australian Sports Commission as an accredited coach.

Equestrian Australia provides the framework and education system for all individuals who wish to become an accredited coach.

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National Coaching Accreditation Scheme 

The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) has been formally in place since 1983 as a progressive coach education programme.

EA aims to train coaches who meet the needs of the equestrian community and since it's conception, has trained and accredited over 2,000 coaches. The NCAS offers education and  nationally recognised qualifications from the foundation levels (Introductory) right through to high performance coaching at the elite level (Level 3).

The NCAS works to;

  • Increase confidence and competence in coaching ability

  • Promote an ongoing improvement of knowledge and expertise

  • Incorporate the basics of sports science to enable a more in-depth approach to coaching

  • Promote the use of safe and correct techniques

  • Provide quality controlled learning in all training programmes

  • Increase the enjoyment of sport for coaches and athletes