Coach Update Clinic Calendar

Saves the Dates!!!

Coach Update Clinics 2019

May 20 - 21, 2019

Planning by the Coaching NSW Committee is now well underway for the 2019 Coach/CE/SSTA Update clinics.

This year updating activities will be run over 2 days and coaches will attend the sessions relevant to their requirements.

Coach Educator Update Clinic for current CEs                    -  Attend on Day 2

Coach Update Clinic for current Coaches - All Levels         -  Attend on Day 2

Familiarisation for Lapsed Coaches                                     -  Attend on both Days 1and 2

Familirisation of Programs for Foreig Accredited Coaches  -  Attend of both Days 1 and 2

New Coach Educators                                                         -  Attend on both Days 1 and 2

New Skill Specific Trainer/Assessors                                   -  Attend on both Days 1 and 2


Regional updates in Canberra and Tamworth are planned for later in 2019.


Coaching NSW Conference 2020

May 2020. Date and location to be advised