2020 NSW Equestrian Interschool Eventing Championships

Equestrian NSW are pleased to announce that we are teaming with Sydney at SIEC Eventing to run the 2020 NSW Equestrian Interschool Eventing Championships at their event over the weekend of Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of September. We are grateful to the Sydney at SIEC committee for enabling these classes to happen. 

This will run as a true ODE with all three phases in one day. Please keep an eye out for all Rider Notes that will have important information including adhering to Covid restrictions, this will not be the same as previous Sydney at SIEC events and all riders need to comply so as not to jeopardise future events.

The 2020 NSW Equestrian Interschool Classes will be: 

Friday 4th September. 




Saturday 5th September (to be run within the National classes)



Sunday 6th September (to be run within the National classes)

EvA95 Senior Secondary Championship (years 10-12 only)


Entries -click here to go to Nominate 

Entries will be through Nominate with the Sydney at SIEC entries at 11am on Friday 7th August. In this first release of entries the rule that a horse may only compete on one day is in place. Interschool classes are indicated on the event schedule and only these classes qualify for Interschool awards - please ensure you have entered the correct class! Interschool riders are restricted to two classes per day over the event due to scheduling requirements. 

If after the close of entries we find that we can reshuffle some numbers around and you would like to add an additional day then that may be possible.

e.g. Initial entry for Fri 4th in Interschool 60cm. If numbers allow after close  of entries an announcement will be made to reopen entries and this horse may then be entered again on the Sunday 6th in the Open 60cm.

Interschool divisions will be:

Primary – Years K-6 in 2020

Secondary Intermediate – Years 7,8,9 in 2020

Secondary Senior – Years 10, 11, 12 in 2020

Combinations must have a current MER. As this is a Championship the combination must have completed an event previously at the level entered. Riding down in Championship classes is not permitted as per EA Eventing Rules. 

For the Interschool classes you will be required to select your school year, school, age etc. Interschool entries may be combined with Open divisions at the OC’s discretion.

As per EA Interschool rules all Interschool division riders must be ENSW members and all horses must have at least Base registration for EvA60/80 or Full Registration and an Eventing licence for EvA95 and up.


Ribbons 1st to 6th place

Champion rugs will be awarded provided there are at least 3 competitors in that Interschool division.


Riders entering the Interschool classes will need to wear their school uniform in the Dressage and Jumping. Riders must wear their school shirt and tie with school jumper, light coloured jodhpurs and smooth soled boots (refer to discipline rules for boots). Blazers/jackets will not be permitted.  Gaiters and long boots may be worn for all disciplines. School team saddlecloths may be worn.


For Interschool specific enquiries regarding the event please contact Jo Faint - 0487 201 956, Tanya Gorton - 0424 499 086 or Equestrian NSW - 02 9620 2660