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Helmet Tagging

Please contact Linda Skinner [email protected] for any queries or information regarding Helmet tagging, including upcoming dates and becoming a Helmet Tagger.

Helmet tagging is mandatory for all EA Affiliated Eventing competitions.

From 1 January 2022, mandatory for all EA Affiliated Jumping events. 

From 1 July 2022, mandatory for all EA Affiliated Dressage, Driving and Endurance events. 


Equestrian NSW Tagging Times and Days


Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to replace my helmet after 5 years?

EA standards do not mandate helmet replacement after 5 years (Manufacturers do recommend replacement of helmets older than 5 years however, that is not an EA requirement, onus is on the rider)

What are helmet taggers checking?

Helmet taggers are only checking compliance of the helmet against EA Standards, not condition, age or any other factors.  An approved helmet is one than meets the EA Standards.

Why would the colour of the tag change?

The colour of the tag will only change if EA Standards change

Can I get my helmet tagged when I purchase the helmet?

If helmets are being tagged at an outlet/franchise (eg. Horseland) this must be done by an approved EA Tagger

Does the Helmet Tagger need to be an EA member?

Being an EA member is preferred, however it is understood some OC members are not EA members and this can be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

What disciplines and when helmet tagging is mandatory?
o Helmet tagging is mandatory for all EA Affiliated Eventing competitions,
o From 1 January 2022, mandatory for all EA Affiliated Jumping events.
o From 1 July 2022, mandatory for all EA Affiliated Dressage, Driving and Endurance events.

Where can participants get their helmets tagged?

By appointment at the Equestrian NSW Office at SIEC Horsley Park - (excluding Public Holidays), phone 02 9620 2660 or email [email protected] 

 Helmet Standards 

Helmet Tagger Agreement

Current Helmet Taggers -


Name   Email Suburb
Helen Ashby [email protected] HOWLONG NSW 2643
Belinda  Bailey [email protected]  
Suzanne  Baker [email protected] KANGAROO VALLEY 2577
Jill  Baker     [email protected] GALSTON 2159
Sally-Ann Barbera [email protected] EBENEZER 2756
Leanne Bell [email protected] LONDONDERRY 2753
Susan Bettington [email protected] SCONE 2337.
Pamela Bode [email protected] CLOVELLY 2031
Mark Bradley [email protected] NORMANHURST 2076
Janene Brown  [email protected] LAKE CATHIE 2445, NSW
Vanessa  Bull [email protected] FYSHWICK ACT 2609
Vicki  Burgess [email protected] SPRING RIDGE 2343
Vicki  Cawdroy [email protected] ANEMBO 2621
Kristen  Clossen [email protected] BRUNKERVILLE 2323
Karon   Coombe [email protected] MARTINSVILLE. 2265
Trudy  Crawford [email protected] TUMUT 2720
Kerry Crees [email protected] ARMIDALE 2350
Katherine  Daszkowki [email protected] BERKELEY 2506
Libby  Dawes [email protected] BATHURST 2795
Cathie  Drury-Kiline [email protected] MILLTHORPE 2798
Michelle   Eastwood [email protected] WAGGA 2678
Kate Edwards [email protected] DUBBO 2830
Victoria  Farr  [email protected] FLATT TOPS 2420
Jaclyne  Fisher  [email protected] WAUCHOPE 2446
Kim Gardner [email protected] CANDELO 2550
Jan  Golding [email protected] HUSKISSON 2540
Diana  Gordon [email protected]  ARMIDALE 2350
Lesley  Gray [email protected] BARGO 2574
Fiona  Gruen [email protected] WALLAROO VIA 2618
Tania Harding [email protected] WALLA 2659
Di  Harris [email protected] GUNDAROO 2620
Belinda  Heffernan [email protected] CANDELO 2550
Karen Higgins [email protected] TERREY HILLS 2084
Rachelle  Hirst [email protected] ARMIDALE 2350
Fiona Hughes [email protected] LONDONDERRY 2753
Lisa  Hurl [email protected] HORSFIELD BAY 2245
Sarina Hurst [email protected] ST ANDREWS 2566
Sally Hutchison [email protected] WOOLGOOLGA 2456
Cynthia Jarratt [email protected] ORANGE 2800
Simon  Kale [email protected] GERRINGONG 2534
Ange Kane [email protected] Cobargo 2550
Erica Kelly [email protected] COBBADAH 2347
Jane Kibble [email protected] MOONBI 2353
Pip  Lawson [email protected] BOWRAL 2676
Merri Lee  [email protected] MARAYLYA NSW 27565
Mary-Lou Locke [email protected] KUNDABUNG 2441
Casey  Louttit [email protected] MORUYA 2537
Petra Marz [email protected] CARWOOLA 2620
Nicki  Mazur [email protected]  HACKETT 2602
Noni McCarthy [email protected] DUBBO 2830
Bruce McVey [email protected] FARM 2324
Jessica  Meredith [email protected] ARMIDALE 2350
Jenny  Merity [email protected]  PITT TOWN 2756
Sue  Middleton [email protected] ELEEBANA 2282
Suzi   Mills [email protected] INVERELL 2360
Sue  Mills [email protected]  Armidale 2350
Sue  Mojsiewicz [email protected] JINDERA 2642
Alison  Money [email protected] SCONE 2337
Sharon  Morris [email protected] KANGAROO VALLEY 2577
Liz  Mudd [email protected]  
Hetty  Munda [email protected] MORUYA 2537
Susan  Nault [email protected] LLANDILO 2747
Warwick  Oke [email protected] MACARTHUR 2904
Robyn  Parker [email protected]  
Robyn  Parnell [email protected] BRAUNSTONE 2440
Roz and Angela  Pengilly [email protected] MURRUMBATEMAN 2582
Jackie Perrott-Jones [email protected] GOOGONG 2620
Ruth  Reeves [email protected] RUSE 2560
Dodi Rogan [email protected] WILBERFORCE 2756
Sue  Ruff [email protected] HEIGHTS 2260
Jemma Russell [email protected] RIVERSTONE 2765
Simone  Salter [email protected] BUNDANOON 2578
Manuel  Sant [email protected] WAMBOIN 2620
Elysha  Sargent [email protected] RAZORBACK 2571
Jack Schouten [email protected] GRAVESEND 2401
Vivi Sirola-Lee [email protected] MARAYLYA 2756
Linda  Skinner [email protected] CAMDEN
Jenny Smith [email protected] BEGA 2550
Kyra Sohier [email protected] Leeton 2705
Sharmayne  Spencer [email protected] ROAD 2353
Susan St Clair [email protected] SCONE 2337.
Tina  Stafford [email protected]  MOSS VALE 2577
Elva Stones [email protected] GOORAMADDA
Judy  Sweeney [email protected] BERRY 2535
Katja  Sykes [email protected] ROAD UPPER 2450
Lance Syme [email protected] PICTON 2571
Christan Trainor [email protected] AVOCA 2577
Sandra  Tremier [email protected] FREEMANS REACH 2756
Susan  Turner-Davis [email protected] MANTON 2582 NSW
Jamie-lee  Verne  [email protected] FRANKLIN 2913
Jamie-lee  Verne  [email protected] ST FYSCHWICK 2609
Andrea  Webb [email protected] PURCELL STREET 2576
Anne Webster [email protected] NANA 2450
Sue West [email protected] BERRIDALE 2628
Adrian  Whiting [email protected] URANQUINTY 2652
Rachel  Whiting [email protected] URANQUINTY 2652
Kathleen Wilkinson [email protected] GUNNEDAH 2380
Kelsey Young [email protected] BRUCE 2617