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Horse Registration

Horse Registration

There are two types of registration available for horses.

Full Horse – Lifetime registration of competitive horses permitting participation in equestrian competitive activities.

Base Horse – lifetime registration for horses not actively competing in competitive equestrian activities, for owners who would like horse registrations for the purpose of bio security or securing a name. 

Only current financial members are able to register horses and all horses must have a microchip number, meeting the AS5018/5019.

If you want to compete in "official" or "graded" competitions your horse will need full registration and a competition licence for that discipline. You must purchase multiple licences if you compete in multiple disciplines. Competition licences are renewed annually with your membership.

Horses must have Full registration to hold competition licences. If your horse is Base registered and you need to upgrade to Full registration the original Base registration certificate must be returned to the ENSW office and the fee for Full registration paid and a new certificate will be issued for the horse. 

Bridle Numbers

If you are competing in Dressage competitions you will require a bridle number - please ring the office on 02 9620 2660 to obtain this number or email us on [email protected]

We require the following information -

  • Horse's Name
  • Horse's Height - so we know to give you either a horse number of a pony number. Pony Numbers are given if the height is 14.2 5/8 or less.
  • Horse's EA registration number - a horse or pony does not need to be registered with us to obtain a bridle number.

If you have previously had a Bridle Number and that horse is no longer competing you may transfer this number to your new horse, however you will need to advise us as we do reallocate numbers no longer used.  

We do not supply number holders for your bridle. These may be purchased at your saddlery store.

With new horse registration you will be automatically given a bridle number if you purchase a Dressage Competition licence.

How to Register Your Horse

There are two ways horses can be registered:

1. Complete Application Form

2024 Horse Registration Application.pdf


2. Online via the EA Online portal

Horse Registration

  1. Please note that horse registration is not available to Club or Sport Affiliates.
  2. Please ensure that there is a contact telephone number on the form in case we have any queries.
  3. Please refer to the "Guidelines for Horse Registration" for more info on what is allowable.

The form allows for six name choices. Please put more than one choice, you would be surprised how often we have to use your 2nd or 3rd choice. If you have a name in mind do not hesitate to contact the office on 9620 2660 to check that it is available, although please remember we do not 'HOLD' names.

Please tick the box advising which performance card/s you require. You only need a performance card for the discipline/s you are competing in officially.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by cheque, credit card, money order or cash (correct amounts only). Please make cheques or money orders payable to Equestrian NSW. 

2023-24 Payment Form.pdf


Equestrian NSW does not take responsibility for items lost in the mail. If you wish, you can request that your work be sent by express/registered post, please add $17.00 to your total amount. This is strongly recommended.  Once received please keep your papers and cards in a safe place.  

Do not leave it until the day before your competition to register your horse.

Please allow 7-10 working days (longer during busy periods) to have your registration processsed.

Should a transfer need to be done quickly a Priority Processing fee of $100 can be paid for 24hr processing.