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Competition Licences

Purchasing A Competition Licence

Valid Competition Licences are required for horses competing in Official Competitive classes.

Under the Equestrian Australia General Regulations and Disciplinary ByLaws (click here to visit ByLaws), to compete in Official Competitive classes:

  • The rider must be a current financial member of Equestrian NSW;
  • Your horse must have Full Registration with Equestrian NSW. If you wish to compete in Official Competitive classes on a Base registered horse you must upgrade the Base Horse Registration to a Full Horse registration. You cannot purchase a Competition Licence for a Base registered horse. If you need to upgrade your horse's registration to Full Horse Registration, please contact the Office for fees and procedures;
  • ALL owners on the Horse Registration must be current financial members of Equestrian NSW;
  • Your horse must have a current Equestrian NSW performance card/competition licence for the dicipline you are competing in;
  • For Official Competitive competitions all HC entries must carry correct EA registration and comply in every way with the rules governing an Official Competitive competition

Competition Licences when purchased are valid for the current financial year in which they are purchased.

It's up to the riders to know and comply with the rules. Please click here to see the relevant national discipline rules.

If you are purchasing or renewing a Competition Licence, the easiest and quickest way to do so is through the MYEA portal. Simply login using your Membership Number and Password details and then select Buy Licence from the blue menu on the left hand side and then follow the screen prompts.

Access MyEA here