EA Member Insurance

The EA National Insurance Scheme provided by Marsh Insurance Brokers offers members 24/7 Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance at all times whilst engaged in non-income earning equestrian activities. For policy details and additional product packages available to members please visit the Marsh Insurance website


 Member Benefits


EA Club Insurance

As an EA affiliated club you have access to the National Insurance Program which is arranged by EA and provided by Marsh Insurance Brokers. For more information on the Club Insurance package and benefits please visit the Marsh Insurance website. Scroll down to access the form for Club Insurance.

Tailored Insurance Policies for income-earning Equestrian activities (including coaches)

Marsh has developed tailored policies, for EA Members with income-earning Equestrian activities, which complement the EA Membership offerings. The benefit of Marsh policies is that they are tailored around the individual activities of EA Members as well as their existing coverage through EA.

Marsh Insurance


To contact Marsh, please call 1300 130 373 or email [email protected] or visit http://[email protected]/