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About Vaulting

What is Vaulting

Equestrian Vaulting is best defined as choreographed gymnastics on a moving horse. It is one of the oldest known forms of equestrian sport. The horse is worked on a circle by the Lunger, whilst the vaulter performs a serious of dynamic and static exercises. The aim is to display strength, coordination, rhythm, suppleness and balance within a routine whilst showing a harmonious relationship with the horse.  Vaulting is an effective way to train new riders as it builds agility, balance and confidence on the horse.  Vaulting is a sport for all ages, as a fun activity or as a competitive sport.

It provides for both individual and also for team participation in sport. Vaulting improves a rider's seat, balance, rhythm and coordination as well as their confidence on the horse. In many clubs in Europe a period of vaulting is a prerequisite to riding.

Vaulting is one of the most spectacular, and at the same time safest, of the equestrian sports. It is an ancient sport dating back to the Minoan period demonstrating flexibility and mobility whilst on horseback. This was particularly important when horses were widely used in conflicts (horses were active in war through to the end of WWII ).

Vaulting is one of the official international FEI sports and its competitions include World Championships every two years, European Championships in the alternate years and the World Equestrian Games which are held every four years. In 1930's vaulting was also an Olympic discipline and has been demonstrated at the last two Olympics. Australia has been represented at each of the World and European championships since 1994.

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