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Clubs involved in equestrian sports that are the responsibility of Equestrian Australia can gain a range of benefits if they affiliate with the EA through their State Branch.

Branches offer a range of services to their clubs and at a National level, ENSW have the following benefits;

  • The right to use EA rules and regulations and appoint EA accredited officials for their events.
  • Access to manuals and other reference material that will help them run their club and their event.
  • Able to purchase a range of club insurance packages.

Once affilated, clubs are covered by the Member Protection Policy and other relevant policies of the EA. 

View policies here 

What you need to affiliate as a club:

  • A copy of your Club Constitution. The club constitution is basically the guideline and rules by which your club will be run and includes all provisions for memberships, disciplinary matters, the committee and meetings etc. The NSW Office of Fair Trading has guidelines on how to write your constitution.
  • A copy of your Club's Certificate of Incorporation. 
  • Your Risk Management Plan. This needs to be a comprehensive plan which shows that you have practices in place for assessing and identifying possible risk and that you have a risk management action plan.
  • A certificate of Currency for Insurance if not using the EA insurance.
  • Completed application form

Once they have been approved your club can begin to run official events. Ensure that you give us a contact person so that we can let you know straight away if there are any problems with your application or need more information. Remember to check the current Scale of Fees for the cost of affiliation, please also note that there is an extra cost for running more than one discipline.


Coverage for Clubs

2022 Club Insurance.pdf


Applications for Affiliation 

2023 Club Affiliation Application.pdf - Use this form if you are a Club wanting to affiliate to run competitions under EA rules and regulations and/or obtain Club Insurance. 

2023 Commercial Group Affiliation Application.pdf - Use this form if you are a Businesses or commercial group wanting to align with Equestrian Australia to access services for a commercial benefit, such as an equestrian events company.

2023 Show Society Affiliation form.pdf- Use this form if you are an Agricultural Show Society wanting to run competitions under EA rules and regulations.

2023 School Affiliation form.pdf- Use this form if you are a School and you wish to run Interschools competitions under EA rules and regulations.


Scale of Fees 

Scale of Fees 2022-23.pdf

Club Resources