Vaulting NSW Committee

In 2014 the new Vaulting NSW committee was elected for a term of two years.

Vaulting NSW Committee

Chair Dr Jennifer Scott
Committee Lyn Lynch
  Robyn Boyle
  Jenny Denby
  Kerrie Stapleton

We hope the new committee has the strength and foresight to continue the wonderful job of our previous committee under the direction of Lyn Lynch, President. The tireless work of past committee members is appreciated as are their achievements in getting our sport to where it is today. Vaulting NSW is one of Australia's most active vaulting states, and the new committee under the guidance of the Vaulting Charter will continue to foster growth and development of vaulting.

Vaulting Charter

Purpose of the Vaulting NSW Committee

· Assist in the development, implementation & evaluation of best practice for the sport of Vaulting
· To deliver, with assistance from clubs & committees, events to its maximum capacity
· To represent, and act on behalf of, and in the interests of ENSW vaulting at state & National levels
· To project a strong and positive image for the Vaulting discipline
· To encourage, conduct, promote, & administer Vaulting activities throughout NSW

Roles & Responsibilities of the Vaulting NSW Committee

· To develop strategic plans & priorities relevant to the Vaulting community
· To promote the vision & direction of Vaulting in NSW
· To support & nurture growth in the sport of vaulting
· To develop & maintain a structure that will support the achievement of our objectives
· To keep all informed of the actions of the VNSW & related issues