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Welfare of the Horse

Equestrian NSW wishes to remind all members and those involved n Equestrian sport that any attempt to alter the normal sensation of the horse for performance enhancement will not be tolerated.

Equestrian New South Wales subscribes to the FEI Welfare Codes that you can find here :


You can also access information on the FEI's Veterinarian Page: http://inside.fei.org/fei/your-role/veterinarians/welfare

Clean Sport for Horses

Visit Equestrian Australia's dedicated page on anything related to Clean Sport for our Horses

Access the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List, the Medication Control Page, the Doping and Medical Policies, the Administration of Supplements to Horses warning and much more.

Clean Sport for Horses 

Equestrian Australia Hot Weather Policy

Horses exercising and competing in hot environmental conditions can be affected by heat stress.

When environmental heat conditions are adverse, exercising horses require appropriate cooling measures to safeguard their welfare.

The primary responsibility for the welfare of horses competing and exercising during hot weather lies with the rider of the horse. Riders must always take action to prevent, manage and treat heat stress in their horses.

Event organisers are responsible for providing adequate facilities and information that riders need to safeguard the welfare of horses. Access to ice and cooling water during competition is a compulsory requirement that arises under certain environmental conditions.

Hot Weather Policy

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Making Eventing Safer

Ride by the Rules

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