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How to Change a Horse's Name

Horse Change of Name

If you wish to change the name of your EA Registered horse, you must complete the application form and submit it to the NSW office.

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From 1 July 2015 onwards, breeders and studs who are a member of Equestrian Australia or an affiliate Breed Society can register a horse's prefix from birth and it can no longer be changed without their written permission.   Written consent by the breeder may be given at the time of the sale of the horse or at some later date to edit a prefix. This is to ensure that the breeding prefix of any registered horse would remain the same from birth, unless a change was agreed by both breeder and current owner and enables better recognition and acknowledgement of the breeder's significant role in the succes of a sport horse's career. This does not apply to horses registered prior to 1 July 2015.

For more information on Names of Horses please refer to the following information from the EA General Regulations.

Article 138 – Names of Horses

1. Horses registered with EA are registered for life. A horse can only be registered once with EA, but may upgrade from Base to Life registration where appropriate. Members attempting to do a new registration of a horse that is already registered may be subject to penalty. See EA Disciplinary By-Laws.

2. In principle, the first registered name of a horse registered with EA will remain on permanent record.

2.1. When applying for the initial registration of a horse or pony with EA at least five names rankedin preference must be given.

2.2. Horses cannot be registered as trade names i.e. Versace, Calvin Klein or Nescafe. This is an FEI rule.

2.3. Horse names may not to exceed 28 characters including spaces.

2.4. There are certain horse names which may never be reused even if the horse is retired or deceased. These names have been given exclusive rights if the horse has made significant achievements usually relating to the Olympic or World Equestrian Games e.g. Peppermint Grove, Kibah TicToc.

2.5. Prefix initials (e.g. “CH”) are not permitted. (Example: “November Rain” cannot be “CH November Rain”.)

2.6. Punctuation marks (e.g. full stops, commas, etc.) and special characters (e.g. [asterisk] *, [ampersand] &, etc.) must not be used in names. (Example: “Mr Burns” cannot be “Mr. [full stop] Burns”.)

3. Horses that have been registered with another recognized breed society may be EA registered using that name. Where the name exists already, a trailing number may be added. This rule also applies to horses being imported into Australia.

4. If the owner applies for a name change or a change to the commercial prefix/suffix, the horse horse’s registration papers and Identification Document must retain the old name or prefix/suffix for the next 12 months as follows: new name and/or new prefix/suffix ex previous name/prefix/ suffix.

5. A horse/pony name including a prefix or suffix may be registered with EA provided it complies with one of the following conditions:

5.1. A commercial prefix/suffix may be added to the name, and must be entered in the passport and registration papers. However, at Regional and Olympic Games under the patronage of the IOC, such prefix/suffix cannot appear in a program and cannot be used in any other way.

5.2. A Breeder/Stud prefix or suffix shall be given to a horse or pony bred by breeders and studs who are a member of EA or a recognised Breed Society. Breeders/Studs can register a prefix/suffix with EA for this purpose on application and the payment of a fee. At the time of registration, proof of the breed society registered prefix/suffix must be provided to EA.

5.3. Where a breeder/stud has registered a horse with the breeder/stud prefix and that the breeder/stud has bred the horse subsequent owners of that horse cannot change the horses' EA registration to remove the breeder/stud prefix without the written consent of the breeder/stud that first registered the horse. The written consent may be given at the time of the sale of the horse or at some later date.

6. EA reserves the right to refuse to register any horse under any particular name.