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Posted by Equestrian New South Wales on 13/11/2015.


Dear Members

I am deeply concerned that a small number of Equestrian NSW members have posted statements on social media attacking the honesty and integrity of Mr Bruce Farrar, our Chief Executive Officer and members of the Board, both past and present.

I, along with the rest of the Board, have absolute confidence in Bruce as Chief Executive Officer of Equestrian NSW. The Board is completely satisfied with his performance and commend him for getting to so many events across all disciplines and engaging with so many members.

Some of the recent commentary in my view is clearly defamatory. I would like to remind members that they are bound by a Code of Conduct which if breached could result in their expulsion from the Association.  Continuing behaviour in this manner may leave us with no other alternative than to consider this and legal options. Also, please be aware that people who administer and moderate online forums are legally responsible for the material published on them and can also be held responsible for Code of Conduct and legal breaches.

The Equestrian NSW Board welcomes constructive criticism and encourages engagement from all members; but criticism accompanied by abuse and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

We look forward to a positive and constructive working relationship with you all.


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