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Posted by Equestrian New South Wales on 19/04/2018.


In response to recent criticisms on social media, and in an email circulated amongst the membership by a current member, of Equestrian NSW’s handling of the issue relating to the Zoetis Agreement with Equestrian Australia, I inform members of the following -

  • The CEO and President of Equestrian NSW were the first to raise concerns about the Zoetis agreement directly with the Chair of Equestrian Australia.
  • Rather than make uninformed statements without the facts, Equestrian NSW provided EA with procedural fairness by asking what was in the Zoetis agreement and what were the terms and conditions relating to termination.
  • Equestrian NSW consulted with other State Branches and monitored social media to gauge objections to the Zoetis agreement.
  • During a telephone conference between the State Branch Chairs and CEO’s, Equestrian NSW stated unequivocally its high level of concern regarding the Zoetis agreement.
  • Recent claims that Equestrian NSW wants to introduce mandatory Hendra vaccination are simply not true, as are allegations that the Equestrian NSW CEO supported the Zoetis agreement.
  • The Equestrian NSW Board re-affirms its un-qualified support for, and trust in, Bruce Farrar as CEO and condemns the unfounded, outrageous and cowardly personal attacks that have appeared on social media and in an email circulated amongst the membership by a current member. Bruce has made, and continues to make, an invaluable contribution to ENSW. Since he became CEO, membership has increased year on year, all disciplines receive more financial support from ENSW, new clubs have affiliated with ENSW, NSW Government funding for equestrian has increased significantly and ENSW is in a very sound financial position.
  • Equestrian NSW will continue to collaborate with its State Branch colleagues and seek feedback to ensure that we meet members’ expectations and will continue to approach all its decision making in a calm and considered way, having first fully informed itself about the issue at hand.


PETER DINGWALL – President, Equestrian NSW

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