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Posted by Sue Birch on 16/03/2020.


In 2018, Fair Trading NSW directed Equestrian NSW Incorporated (ENSW) to move from being an incorporated association under NSW Government legislation to a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee under Federal Government legislation, as for some time we exceeded the $2m limit for combined assets and turnover ($2.70m + $1.67m = $4.37m).

In October 2019, Fair Trading NSW increased the upper limit for incorporated associations to $5m income and $2m current assets.  Having done all the hard work to become a company, the ENSW Board resolved to continue down the path of becoming a company, on the basis that:

  • The proposed Company constitution is a big improvement.
  • The Federal Government ASIC governance framework is stronger.
  • Being a company gives us significant headroom to expand and grow. 

In almost all respects and subject to member approval, the operation of Equestrian NSW will remain the same.  Members will still belong to Equestrian NSW.  We will still be a not-for-profit state sporting organisation, under Equestrian Australia, located at Sydney International Equestrian Centre, with the same staff and Board.  A new Board will be voted in at our Annual General Meeting in late 2020.

Under our current constitution, we need to hold a General Meeting for members to consider and vote on the change.

Accordingly, a General Meeting will be held at 8:00pm on Monday 6 April 2020 at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre Main Office Conference Room, Saxony Road, Horsley Park, 2175, after our Annual General Meeting which starts at 7:00pm.

Attached are:

The draft Constitution reflects member feedback, including the following improvements:

  • Simplified Objects (what we do)
  • Deleting rules which are covered under Equestrian Australia Bylaws
  • Making voting easier
  • Introducing a separate Company Secretary role, with a governance focus.

If you have any questions, please email Bruce Farrar ([email protected]).

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